Dr. Karyn Staples' Training

As part of Dr. Karyn Staples' training you'll learn both theory and exercise to improve body alignment. You'll be able to tell when someone is out of congruency and learn Pilates-based exercises to fix their problems.

It's technical. Practical. Fast-paced and completely useful to your practice. Do with Dr. Staples says, "I teach how I like to learn. I'm a kinesthetic visual learner. I want my attendees to not only hear the information, but experience the information. Then they're able to apply it directly, the next time they're seeing a client or working with a patient."

Dr. Staples has over two decades of experience in both research and practice of Physical Therapy and Pilates. She not only teaches these concepts, she practices them. All of her clients and patients utilizing her techniques have improved their alignment.

Dr. Staples says, "Many of the problems I've seen with bodies could have been prevented with proper alignment. And many problems can be solved by fixing alignment."

Hip (Staying Aligned)

  • Understand the skeletal hip anatomical alignment
  • Define hip congruency
  • Understand the relationship between skeletal alignment and hip congruency
  • Demonstrate in and out of hip congruency
  • Learn how to visualize hip congruency with the client supine, prone, sidelying, seated, and standing
  • Correlate breathing with alignment

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